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Employee of the Quarter - Q3 2019


Ronald Hillman has been named the Parts & Power Employee of the Quarter for Q3 2019.

Ronald Hilliman, and his brother Germain, showed up to work the day after Hurricane Irma. They had lost their entire house and all of their possessions. The only thing left was the foundation of the building. When asked what they wanted to do, they said “we need to work”. And work they did. For 12-14 hours/day, 7 days/week, they worked to help Parts & Power’s customers to recover. Indeed, they have never stopped that commitment to Customer Service and Excellence.


As the complexity of new electronic diesels mandated by new emissions laws has increased, so has the training requirements to maintain and repair them. Ronald has distinguished himself by consistently finishing all of the training made available to him in the shortest amount of time. That, combined with his high reviews by customers, and the high regard of his peers, made Ronald the outstanding Employee of the Quarter.

Employee of the Month - June 2019


Parts & Power Employee of the Month for June 2019, Meckel Weste, and Inventory Director, Andy Rahaman, with Bose Speaker won by Meckel.

Sayeed Mohammed Appointed Service Manager

Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed took the reigns of the very busy Service Department of Parts & Power in October 2018. Sayeed was born on Trinidad. He graduated from St. George’s College in Trinidad. He completed and was certified in Caterpillar training inclusive of Harvard Manage Mentor, Diesel and Gas engines, generators, machines, sales and customer service training. He obtained Crestcom Bulletproof manager training.

Sayeed’s employment history includes Inventory Supervisor at Associated Brands Industries. He moved from there to Massy Machinery (T&T CAT Dealer) where he started in Accounting. He moved into Parts and Equipment Sales, then into Service, where he was Service Manager for the Heavy Equipment Division. After leaving Massy he joined Ansa Automotive as Customer Service Manager before being recruited by Parts & Power.

Sayeed says of himself: I am a very simple, down to earth person. Honesty is my policy. I enjoy working as part of team as I am continuously learning and imparting any knowledge I possess. One of my favourite quotes I try to live by is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Sayeed has been a welcome addition to the Parts & Power family. He has already organized many of the work flows in the Service Department and streamlined several processes. He has been well accepted by the 8-person Service Staff as well as customers. He has been praised for his communication skills and work ethic.

Northern Lights Caribben Customer Support

NL Support

Parts & Power General Manager, Gavin Dooley, Barbara and Tom Gerker met with the Northern Lights factory branch Sales & Service staff in Deerfield Beach, FL on the 19th of October to discuss the Caribbean strategy for supporting customers in Caribbean. Vice President, Nathan Price, emphasized how important the Caribbean was for supporting the Northern Lights product. It is recognized that Northern Lights generators are the preferred generator for experienced crews on Charter Vessels, and in the Bareboat Fleets. The reliability and endurance of the product makes it an ideal choice for charter vessels in the Caribbean. Although the yachts in these fleets are Pleasure Craft, the duty that is demanded of their generators is certainly Commercial, with more than 2000 hours being put on these units in some applications. Northern Lights philosophy of building Commercial Generators in Yacht Friendly packages, including low noise, compact size and attractive finish, make them the go to generator for Charter Yacht Owners, Managers and Crew.

NL Support

Nathan Price committed the full support of his factory branches of Deerfield Beach, FL, Boston, MA and Kenner, LA, as well as that of the Corporate Office in Seattle, WA. He said that he wanted the Northern Lights product to be best Serviced and Supported Generator in the Caribbean and pledged to do anything Northern Lights can do to make this so.

Nathan also showed the Parts & Power contingent the very impressive production of Technicold air conditioners and refrigeration. Northern Lights applies the same principles of high quality, simplicity, serviceability and endurance to the Technicold product. As with Northern Lights generators, they are built to a standard, not a price, making them the ideal choice for the Charter Yacht and Super Yacht Industry. The factory in Deerfield Beach is working at full capacity with many pending orders on their books.

Pictured is a Technicold Chilled Water Air Conditioning system. Also pictured is a photo of Sales Coordinator Corky Garcia, Tom Gerker, Vice President Nathan Price and General Manager, Gavin Dooley discussing the improvements made to the accessibility of the latest sound enclosure for the M673L3 generator.

New Northern Lights Dealer in Virgin Gorda, BVI

NL Support

On Feb 6th Parts & Power salesman, Tony Tuckett, met with the Caribbean's most recent Northern Lights Dealer, CRC Engines and Fabrication of the Valley, Virgin Gorda. Pictured are Tony and Geoff Cooke. Behind the sign is company founder, Chris Cooke. CRC was founded in 1993 on Virgin Gorda. The company provides Marine and Industrial Engine & Generator service, as well as fabrication. They are a major sub-contractor for the Boat Yard at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.

CRC are dealers for Yanmar, Yamaha, Algae X Fuel Conditioner. With their expansion to Northern Lights, they now represent the preferred choice of most charter crews, and many bareboat fleets in the Caribbean.

For more information, please contact Chris Cooke at 284-495-5262, 284-547-8333 or Chris Cooke (

Tel: +1(284)494-2830

Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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