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Contactor-Based Automatic Transfer Switches

A critical component of any emergency power system, Eaton's contactor based automatic transfer switch quickly and safely shifts the load circuit from a normal power source to the emergency source, permitting critical loads to continue running with minimal or no outage in momentary losses of power.


  • Designed with operational simplicity in mind, the compact design and user friendly front panel interface simplifies routine operation, programming, and setting adjustments.
  • Rated for 40-1200A up to 600V and 1600A up to 480V in 2, 3 or 4 pole configurations. Eaton's contactor based transfer switch is available in open, delayed, closed transition and non-automatic style.
  • UL1008 and CSA 22.22 No. 178-1978 listed.
  • The bypass isolation option provides industry leading Dual ATS technology, which allows both the ATS and the bypass switch to perform as automatic transfer switches.
  • The contactor transfer switch offering is available with the ATC-100 controller (40-100A open and delayed transition), the ATC-300 controller (40-1600A open and delayed transition), and the ATC-800 controller (40-1600A open, delayed and closed transition).
  • Specific and Any breaker ratings across entire contactor line provides the highest level of user flexibility in selecting the right transfer switch for your application.
  • Momentarily energized solenoid operating mechanisms offer a fast and reliable method of transfer. The operating mechanism ie electrically and mechanically interlocked in open transition applications to prevent inadvertent paralleling of source 1 and source 2.
  • All contactors 400A and below contain a stationary arcing contact and all contactors 600A and above contain a separate moveable "break first, make last" arcing contact.
  • Field-selectable multi-tap transformer panel permits operation on a wide range of system voltages.
  • Keyed quick-disconnect plugs are provided for easy and complete isolation of the control circuitry.
  • Programmable plant exerciser standard in all controller models.

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