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Magnum Breaker-Based Automatic Transfer Switches

The Magnum family of transfer switches offers the highest withstand capacity in the industry. Designed for applications where total system coordination must be accomplished, they offer a variety of standby power applications for critical and non-critical loads.


  • During normal power interruption, these switches will automatically transfer the load circuits to the emergency power source. Once normal power has been restored, the process is automatically reversed.
  • Rated for 200-5000A up to 600V in 2, 3 or 4 pole configurations. Eaton's Magnum transfer switch is available in non-automatic, open, delayed, closed, and soft load transition.
  • Eaton's Magnum Transfer Switches are UL 1008 listed with a thirty cycle short time rating, In addition, the use of optional electronic trips allows performance curve shaping to facilitate proper system coordination and application.
  • Available with Eaton's ATC-600 controller for open and delayed transition applications and the ATC-800 controller for closed transition transfer switches.
  • Drawout construction is available for applications such as critical life support systems where preventive maintenance, inspection, and testing must be accomplished while maintaining continuous power to the load.
  • Allows for system testing without power interruption and prevents block-loading of the engine generator set.
  • Multi-Tap Voltage Selector provides for application on a variety of system voltages.
  • Each switching device is independent which allows it to be replaced either with a spare switch a replacement unit available from the factory.
  • Completely enclosed contacts add a measure of safety and reliability and ensure the integrity of the contact assemblies. This minimizes the need for periodic maintenance of the contacts, reducing downtime and maintenance time.
  • Keyed quick-disconnect plugs are provided for easy and complete isolation of the control circuitry

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