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JCB Skid Steer Loader

JCB Teletruk

JCB approached their skid steer loader design with a unique perspective. Using inspiration from their class-leading LOADALL telescopic handler range JCB designed their skid steer loader with a completely fresh layout: a single boom and side entry.

This innovative engineered machine ensures that the JCB skid steer:

  • Is the World's safest skid steer loader
  • With 270o visibilty, is 60% better than the competition.
  • Has a cab size 46% larger than the average competition on a small platform.
  • Has 24% better serviceability on large platforms, 21% on small platforms.
  • Is the most efficient skid steer on the market, with up to 16% better fuel consumption.

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JCB Teletruk

In seventeen years since its introduction, the JCB skid steer loader has become stronger, better and more versatile. Today, we've achieved nearly 360o of visibility and an entry as simple as opening a side door, all while maintaining a perfect side-to-side weight balance. Offering unrivaled productivity on the jobsite our vision of a better skid steer is spreading across the world helping others to further visions of their own.

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Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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