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JCB Telescopic Handler

JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handler

JCB Loadalls offer you all the durability, versatility and low cost of ownership that you need to compete in today’s crowded market, whether you’re working in rental or on-site.

Having pioneered the very concept of the telescopic handler itself back in 1977, JCB remains the world’s number one for a variety of reasons. We manufacture a high percentage of our machines’ componentry; extended service intervals and simplified maintenance procedures are built into every machine; Loadalls command premium residual values; and customers are backed by a comprehensive worldwide dealer network.

JCB telehandler range is over 30-strong, from compact models for accessing restricted sites to 16,000 lbs payload, 56 ft (17m) lift height machines. There’s an accompanying vast choice of attachments.

Part of the reason that the JCB telehandler has stayed ahead of the competition is their continued commitment to innovation. Most JCB Loadalls feature the world-renowned EcoMAX engine while all are designed for ultimate maneuverability and feature 3 different steer modes. There are specialist application packages too.

So when it comes to choosing a telehandler, there’s really only one choice: a JCB Loadall.


Parts & Power are JCB distributors in the Caribbean.

Designed to meet the exact needs of the oil and gas sectors, JCB’s Energy Master specification customizes your Loadall telehandler to excel wherever you need it to, from the blazing sun of Texas to the frozen tundra of Alaska.

JCB 506-36

The smallest of JCB high-boom, high capacity telescopic handlers. Reaching heights of 36 feet, this has the capability of lifting 6,000lbs. Designed to maximize your return on investment, the latest JCB Loadall telehandlers are highly efficient, productive and tough enough to take on anything, including the rental industry.

JCB 507-42

Reaching heights of 42 feet, this robust, reliable telescopic handler has the capability of lifting 7,000lbs - A real rental favorite.

JCB 509-42

Lifting 2000lbs more than the 507-42, the 509-42 has a maximum payload of 9000lbs and an ability to reach 42 feet.

JCB 510-56

The 510-56 is the first in the range to top 10,000 lbs of lift capacity. This powerhouse reaches an amazing 56 feet secured by our wide set stabilizers.

JCB 512-56

Designed to place heavy loads with ease and precision, the 512-56 is one of JCB’s largest capacity Loadalls. This easy to operate telescopic handler is equipped with low effort servo controls that are arranged in a pattern style that most operators are accustomed to.

JCB 514-56

Designed to place heavy loads with ease and precision. The 514-56 is the power house of the telescopic handler range with lifting capacity of 14,000lbs and with a reach of 56 feet.

JCB 516-42

The new JCB 516-42 Loadall has a maximum lift capacity of 16,000 lbs and can reach a height of 42 feet. To ensure maximum safety around the work site the boom is positioned high for optimum operator visibility.

JCB 525-60

Maneuverability, performance and visibility are the watchwords of the Tier 4 Final/Stage IIIB JCB 525-60 Hi Viz compact telehandler. Superior build quality and comfort help to confirm it as a great investment.

JCB 531-70

The latest JCB Loadall telehandlers are highly efficient and productive machines. The 531-70 offers you all the performance and productivity that you need to excel on any construction site.

JCB 531-70 Turbo

The JCB 531-70 Turbo is a hugely efficient full-sized EcoMAX-powered telescopic handler. It’s powerful, productive, maneuverable, comfortable and safe.

JCB 541-70

The 541-70 is a hugely efficient EcoMAX-powered Loadall. It’s powerful, productive, maneuverable, comfortable and safe and sits on a chassis that’s designed for load-bearing and stability.

JCB 550-140

Designed and developed using JCB Efficient Design philosophy, the JCB 550-140 is a full-sized 4-stage telescopic handler with a huge reach. It uses the award-winning new EcoMAX engine and sits on a chassis that’s designed for load-bearing and stability.

JCB 550-170

The all-new EcoMAX-powered JCB 550-170 4-stage telescopic handler has a huge reach and a class-leading payload for superb productivity and cycle times.

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Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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