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Perkins Marine Engine - M300C


These are the latest addition to the common platform concept of 1106 Series diesel engines. Assembled on a new high technology production line, these ultra clean engines will provide a superior replacement for all marine six cylinder models. Frequent computerised checks during the production process ensure high build quality excellence is maintained. With excellent power-to-weight ratios, our engines give boat designers and fitters all the flexibility they need when it comes to new boat design or re-power installations for pleasure craft.

They offer excellent reliability and fuel economy, while being clean, quiet and smooth in operation. Low noise, rapid starting and low emissions are achieved with advanced combustion systems that allow for precise, multiple injections within each combustion cycle, reducing fuel use and lowering emissions.

  • Commercially rated 6.6 liter engine producing 300 hp @ 2400 rpm
  • 90 amp alternator
  • Same size as current M225Ti
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Emissions compliant IMO2
  • Wastgate turbo charger for better low engine speed performance and faster acceleration
  • 500 hour oil change intervals
  • Gear driven fresh water and sea water pumps
  • Primary and secondary fuel filters

Powered by your needs:

Perkins engines can be tailored specifically for you. These engines offer a choicely of standard build configurations to match the needs of customers for a diverse range of applications.

Lower operating costs:

Service intervals 500 hours as standard and Perkins provides comprehensive warranty cover for two years, with three years on major engine components.

State of the art design:

These engines utilise components of Caterpillar ACERTâ„¢ technology. This provides excellent fuel economy and low heat rejection.

Worldwide power solution:

They have been designed to be worldwide fuel tolerant, including kerosene, jet aviation fuel and B20 biofuel (RME). Options are available to meet local market needs.

You can download the specification sheet here.

Contact Parts & Power today for more information on repowering your boat or yacht with the M300C from Perkins. Parts & Power is the Appointed Perkins Distributor for the Caribbean.

Tel: +1(284)494-2830

Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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