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3M innovative solutions keep your business and your employees working smoothly regardless the industry. Parts & Power provides a wide range of 3M products including marine cleaning, compound, polishing, electrical, automotive and safety products for every requirement.

Abrasive Products & Accessories

3M carries a number of premium engineered abrasives and convenient all-purpose abrasive products for all mining and industrial application. A line of abrasive products dedicated for use in stock removal, blending, finishing and polishing applications. We supply Sandpapers, Emory cloths, Roloc discs & Roloc holders. Request a full list of abrasive products we supply at

Sealant - Adhesives

3M offers a wide range of adhesive sealants uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive line designed for industrial markets. High quality formulations result in significant advantages that resist yellowing, cracking, chalking, and UV degradation. Precision formulations with proven performance that maintain internal integrity, resulting in long term durability. Adhesive sealants that are reliable and create a secure, quality bond and seal for a variety of surfaces and applications, indoors and out. Request a full list of sealants at

Marine Cleaning, Compound & Polishing Products

From Start to Refinish you can achieve professional results with 3M™ Marine Wax and Maintenance Products. We also supply cleaning products and complete systems of abrasives, buffing pads, compound products for finishing production and tooling gelcoat surfaces. Request a full list of marine products at

Electrical Products

3M Electricals exemplifies the abiding tenet of innovation to provide new & improved products, and technology solutions. 3M offers an extensive range of electrical products and solutions that are durable and easy to install. Request a full list at

Automotive Products

For over a century 3M has created straightforward products designed to repair, restore, and enhance your car. 3M works to improve the speed and quality of automotive processes: From body repair to paint and refinish, collision and custom to dealership and fleets. Request a full list of automotive products at

Mounting Solutions

A Damage-Free Hanging Solution for Every Project - the Command™ Brand Products, and find new solutions for organizing, decorating and celebrating. Request a full list at


3M designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of specialty tapes. These products are used in many industries and markets, including, transportation, building and construction, general manufacturing, packaging, paper and print and many others. Request a full list at

Safety Products

Every product delivers the professional protection and durability you expect from 3M. 3M products are designed for comfort. Safety solutions that are easy to use and comfortable to wear can help to increase compliance. Our safety products are designed with innovative features for adaptability, making it easy to select solutions that best meet your safety need. Request a full list of safety products at

Consumer Products

Parts and Power supplies many innovative and reliable consumer products from 3M. The list includes sponges, scrubbers, protectors and cleaners. Request a full list at

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Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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