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Tim Dabbs, General Manager, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd. - 2019-09-14

"To All, Finally the M944T3 is installed on My One Net, Purring away, handling all loads, PTO thrusting & Captain happy. Thanks to all for your assistance in making this happen & keeping the job in the BVI. "

Jeff & Donna, Parrots of the Caribbean - 2019-08-14

"All, We cannot thank you enough for all the great service and support we had through this entire ordeal with the engine. Everyone was spectacular - thanks again so much - hope to maybe meet the Parts & Power team at some point! "

Karen Clark Frederick - 2019-07-18

"Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we believe we have resolved the electrical issue. There was a loose wire in the electrical panel up by the generator. And we replaced one of the larger breakers that served the pool heater and pump...I want to thank you for doing all that you did to help when we had such troubles. That type of responsiveness helps guests know that things are in good hands. Thank you so much!"

Tim Dabbs, General Manager, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd. - 2019-03-23

"Andy / Meckel, Thank you both for swiftly arranging the Damper plate for Altesse. Now installed, engine running & leaving on time for their charter, Really grateful. "

Tiina Tigane - 2018-09-20

"I wanted to say Thank you for sending your team to fix my transfer switch. They were very cordial and efficient and I enjoyed their cheerful service."

Tim Dabbs, General Manager, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd. - 2019-09-14

"To All, Finally the M944T3 is installed on My One Net, Purring away, handling all loads, PTO thrusting & Captain happy. Thanks to all for your assistance in making this happen & keeping the job in the BVI. "

Jeff & Donna, Parrots of the Caribbean - 2019-08-14

"All, We cannot thank you enough for all the great service and support we had through this entire ordeal with the engine. Everyone was spectacular - thanks again so much - hope to maybe meet the Parts & Power team at some point! "

Karen Clark Frederick - 2019-07-18

"Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we believe we have resolved the electrical issue. There was a loose wire in the electrical panel up by the generator. And we replaced one of the larger breakers that served the pool heater and pump...I want to thank you for doing all that you did to help when we had such troubles. That type of responsiveness helps guests know that things are in good hands. Thank you so much!"

Tim Dabbs, General Manager, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd. - 2019-03-23

"Andy / Meckel, Thank you both for swiftly arranging the Damper plate for Altesse. Now installed, engine running & leaving on time for their charter, Really grateful. "

Tiina Tigane - 2018-09-20

"I wanted to say Thank you for sending your team to fix my transfer switch. They were very cordial and efficient and I enjoyed their cheerful service."

Julia Campbell, Corporate Services Manager, Governor's Office - 2018-09-05

"Thank you all, amazing service! I will pass on the numbers but hope that they won't disturb any of you!"

Tim Dabbs, General Manager, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd. - 2018-08-22

"Meckel, Thank you so much for staying late yesterday so we could get that starter. Client was running that night & very happy. Excellent Service!!"

Sander De Boer - 2018-03-06

"Hi Gavin, Thank you verry much for this followup. We got very good and fast help from your company!! The vessel is working well at the moment. We stil feel some vibration in the vessel/rudder, but we are maybe to sensitive after this experience losing the propeller. "

Thor Downing - 2017-12-30

"Gavin just a quick note to thank you you and Jerome helping this evening. Thankfully it was fixable but know how much we appreciate you guys coming up. Our new born is coming any time now so having power is more critical than ever . As I mentioned to Jerome we are going to do an oil change and filter change in the morning and if you have the time to send him up we can relocate the control panel . Very best and a thank you again so much . Parts and power have been just amazing. "

Steve Cooper - 2017-05-13

"Hi Tom and all, just a brief note to report that the generator has been humming along nicely. (Hope that doesn't jinx it!) Many thanks to all, especially to Wilbert. "

Scott Oliver, Captain - 2017-04-07

"I appreciate the team and their efforts to assist us with our Northern Light generator part. Randy and Ashley from Plan B as always does an outstanding job. We were able to make our weather window and can't thank everyone enough."

Pawel Jasica, Captain - 2017-03-20

"Dear Parts and Power Team, I wish to thank you all for a fabulous and quick repair of our VOLVO D-3. This accident cost us the loss of one charter this season and only because of your professional services we didn't lose another one. Once again thank you very much for all the work on board Ocean View."

Cato Knem - 2017-03-04

"...And I must leave a remark about your friendly staff. Never have I been met with a smile and 'welcome, what can I do for you?', like in your store, here in the Caribbean. Thanks again for good service and swift response."

Dave Bigge, Regional President, MarineMax Inc. - 2017-02-07

"Tom, I just wanted to drop a note to say what a pleasure it was meeting you as well as thank you for the time you spent with us during our recent visit. I truly appreciate everything you do to keep our fleet of Power Cats up and running. Thank you."

Anthony Muller, Chief Engineer, S/Y REE - 2016-12-23

"Thank you for the speedy and professional service you and Meckel provided. You will definitely be recommended."

Stephen, Captain, M/Y Lady J - 2016-04-01

"Everything is ok, installed last night, running well, thank you for the fast service."

Paolo Bozzo Costa, Captain, M/Y Mo Mo - 2016-03-22

"Dear Kelly, your technician made the job. He is a good man, very professional. Thanks also to you for the precious help. Your service is a 5 stars service."

Jame & Thea Young, Catamaran RoKS - 2016-03-10

"Hi Kroy, Thank you for your excellent services! Just finished fitting it so all good. Thanks very much."

Plan B Generator's Office, USVI - 2016-02-25

"you are amazing, and you make my life so easy and teach me so much every single day! You are patient with me on my worst/craziest days! You are quick at replies, you are consistent with keeping me in the loop with everything, from my parts, shipment, delivery, arrivals, parts that go with items I need. Thank you so much Kroy for everything you do."

Denny Carlson, Whisper Sailing - 2016-02-11

"I had a serious problem. I had a term charter starting in 2 days and the raw water pump on my Yanmar had failed. I called my local dealer on St. Thomas and they didn't have it in stock and it would take longer than 2 days to get it. I called Parts & Power and arranged for the pump (in stock) to be sent on the Ferry to Red Hook the next morning. Now that's taking care of their customer and providing service second to none! Thanks for a job well done. Captain Denny, Whisper 42 Term Charter Sailing Catamaran, St. Thomas."

Peter Bourke - 2016-02-05

"The invoice is totally reasonable and fair. I want to thank you for getting a tech out to the boat on such short notice. Sanchez, and his young assistant, were both very professional and tackled the problems on Rubicon swiftly and efficiently. The problems were completely addressed. I will never hesitate to recommend your company. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!"

Jalene, S/Y Enigma - 2015-12-30

"Hey Andrew, I got your automated response with the parts hotline number on it. I called and spoke to a woman (from Guyana). She went in on Christmas Day and got the part for me, gave it to Mark Hopkinson who then brought it to us in Red Hook. We installed it on our turn around and it's working ☺.

Thanks for having that information on your automated email! It was a life saver for us ☺. I had no problem paying the $30 fee to get that part on a holiday - please tell management we soooo much appreciate that! Cheers."

Robert Tetrault, M/Y Njoyce - 2015-11-06

"To the entire P&P crew; Our visit and work accomplished while in the BVI was above and beyond what is expected today. No one is better at getting parts to us as we roam the Atlantic. Today I opened a delivery that was ordered three days ago. We are presently in the Chesapeake and the order was placed by email after a prompt answer to my price and availability request. I have been a Perkins, NL and Lugger customer for 25+ years with nothing but stellar service to speak too. Carry on Tom and my best to the crew."

Randy Wojno, SAILAVIE - 2015-05-13

"Thanks. All looks good. Please thank Moses, Andrew and of course yourself for all the help you provided to my boat and self. All the best."

Peter Shoosmith, S/V ADELA - 2015-05-07

"Hello Tom, I am delighted that, after a confused start caused by half your staff with 'flu and my mobile phone failure, we had a fantastically successful outcome to my engine problem. I was absolutely staggered to learn that you had such a comprehensive spares stock for my old engine, and had the needed injectors ready to install on our arrival.

The unbiased experience of your staff (a special thanks to Mark) helped me track down the unlikely initial cause of the problem - exhaust fumes re-entering the inlet manifold, and the strange noise coming from the engine - pre-ignition. Thank you again sincerely for giving me such prompt attention, and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who inquires. Please convey to your staff my sincere appreciation of their friendly assistance and expertise."

Bruce Handyside, Captain, M.Y. JO - 2015-04-23

"Andy, We finally left this morning thanks to your intervention with the charge air-cooler. Please accept my thanks for expediting the part through. We've always had a good relationship with your company and we will continue to sing your praises. Thanks once again Andy!"

Jonathan Bingham, S/V Robin Hood - 2015-03-13

"Yes!!!!! I would like to just take a moment to thank the team at Parts and Power. Especially Shawina. In my panic to find a new generator after our died days before having to sail back to New England, Shawina was awesome. Not only did she immediately answer my email request, she followed it up with a call, and the specifications to understand if it would fit from a dimension stand point. She held the generator for me while we got answers from our mechanic Chris Cooke and then made the purchase and delivery along with help from numerous others at Parts and Power totally seamless. THANK YOU!!!"

Karen DeWolfe & Jead Goodrich - 2015-02-12

"Dear Dan, We took the generator battery in for testing and it tested fine 3 times.. We have it connected back and have eliminated the trickle charger (which apparently was the problem) and the generator started and tested fine and is working properly. May I get the name and mailing address for your company on Tortola? Jean and I would like to thank you for your time and patience. This was a little diversion from our normal business operations in St. Croix to be generator/electrician repair people. :-)"

Geoff & Sue Morris, SPENT - 2015-02-06

"We appreciate you taking the time to explain this to us thank you. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company and services to anyone and everyone we meet along the way. We may be back up in April if so will call and say hello."

Evan Regards, s/y Enigma - 2014-12-01

"The guys were great and worked very efficiently. Thanks again for making it happen with the late request. I'm sure we'll have more work for you as the season gets into swing. We're really happy P & P is now doing Volvo :)"

Lee Demarest, Allegro - 2014-04-29

"I believe I talked to Dan (Tech manager?) about my 4-236 running hot, in late March. He recommended a flush with Permatex flushing fluid and it worked great! Got some scale out and seem to have destroyed the suspected blockage... Thanks for the support."

Jeff Alexander, Captain, S/Y AZZURA - 2014-04-28

""This note is to say how S/Y AZZURA would like to express our gratitude to all the members of Part & Power in Tortola. We had a hydraulic failure, lost our system and were in need of supplies, I called Tom Gerker for help and he did not skip a beat. His crew organized the products and delivery them to Norman Island while we were in middle of a trip with owner. He never even knew what was up. Thanks again! P.S. these guys have saved me before , but that is another story." "

Robert Schmid - 2014-04-15

"Got the parts this AM thanks so much for the great service."

Andrew Eddy, SY Gaia - 2014-01-27

"Dear Tom, thank you and your team... especially Sebastian ... for very good service. Am copying to Oyster Marine in case they may wish to be aware."

Shane McClellan, Guiding Light - 2014-01-19

"Thank you for your help. I could not have finished getting ready for my charter without you."

Gary "Cap'n Fatty" Goodlander, Captain, Ganesh - 2013-12-12

"Greig, Kroy, Andy, and the entire Parts & Power team: Thanks so much for getting that starter to me here in New Zealand. It arrived without problem; and it wouldn't have sailed through Customs so easily without your help. Thanks again. It is wonderful having you guys act as my shore team... where ever I am in the world!"

Elina & Greg, Sapphire - 2013-05-03

"We are very impressed with your company, the quality of the mechanics, technical support via e-mail, and of course, you! Thank you again for your immediate response to our needs and we wish you much success! Kindest Regards!"

Megan & Ernie Schlobohm, Yacht Lolalita - 2013-04-18

"In April 2013, we did a complete repower of our two main engines on our catamaran, Lolalita, with Parts And Power, BVI. Service manager, Dan, originally quoted the job 10-11 days, and in fact they finished it in under 7. Dan was personable and easy to communicate with, never over-selling anything, yet always over-delivering. Our technicians, Sanchez and Sebastian, were extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and professional, and acted with respect and calmness throughout the entire job. They took initiative throughout the installation process, and we never once felt we had to "babysit" them, as happens all too often. They have followed through with us beyond just the installation to ensure everything goes smoothly for our charter business. Not only would we recommend their services to anyone, we also trust them to complete future jobs for us. It's refreshing to feel so satisfied with a job. Thank you for everything, Parts And Power, BVI!"

Mark Jenkins, Equinos - 2013-03-18

"Good morning. Apparently the captain has already ordered the exhaust hose from somewhere else. Your price was far more competitive and we will certainly consider you first next time we need similar parts. Thank you for the outstanding service..."

Bill & Joanne, Perkins Owners - 2013-02-12

"We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone we sincerely appreciate the wonderful teamwork to help us with our engine part problem!! Dan was patient with our slow Wi-Fi on Skype + was great to listen carefully + then email us a response. Tony was very helpful in getting our parts + explaining everything so well. Dan for taking apart our part + having it put together well. Thank you. Thank you all for caring about our engine problems. Cheers!"

Fredrick, Captain, S/Y Freedom - 2013-01-18

"Thank you very much for sending the invoices to me. I do not have any questions but I would like you to pass on my deepest and most sincere thanks and appreciation to Don for his help in making arrangements to help get our boat towed to the dock, and to bring the part to the boat to verify and confirm it was the correct part, and to have Sanchez show up at our boat the next morning to install the part. This was all so very important to us because we were in the middle of a charter, and we truly appreciate it and will be a long time loyal customer of Parts & Power. Thank you so VERY much!"

Henry Leonnig - 2012-08-09

"Hats off and big thank you. Dropped transmission off at 9 am and Dan had it rebuilt before noon!!!! All the Best!"

Bijan Kalantari - 2012-03-11

"Thank you all very much for sending me the the Perkins Fuel pipe. It arrived yesterday. It fit perfectly and was installed right away."

Gavin Bladen - 2012-03-11

"Sebastian, Fantastic job on Friday getting the Scorpion back up and running, and Tom thank you for the support once again. Many thanks."

Neil P Rock - 2012-01-26

"We have had a history of failures with our Vetus Electronic Engine Controls. We brought this to your attention Friday 20th January 2012. Your service and assistance regarding this issue has been outstanding. We conducted sea trials yesterday and are pleased to report all went well. Many thanks to all your team for a job well done. Especially Dan and Bernard who had to endure the brunt of my frustrations."

Eran Gindi - 2012-01-12

"Hi Kelly, Sorry for the late replay. Yes you ... invoice thereís no problems. I would like to mention that Sanchez did a great job! Many engineers before him didnít find the problem on the night generator, and you are very lucky to have him onboard. Thanks again."

Pierre Decaix - 2012-01-08

"Happy new year! I was very happy to have news from you. We spent 9 years sailing round the world (and about 8 since our last meeting) with Taranis, and we are still on her! We came back to West Indies last May 2011 and we left Taranis in Sainte Lucia, spending summer at home in France. We returned to West Indies last November and we are now coasting around La Martinique. The good news for you (and for us!) is that our Northern Lights generator is still running very well and had absolutely no failure since you installed the new exhaust system. I will contact Frank Agren in Martinique (who became a friend) to give information about it. We will be happy to meet him again! We will spend the next coming weeks in the Marin marina. I think also we will go to Tortola in the next coming months and we will also be happy to meet you. Best regards!"

Alywn Coetzee - 2012-01-07

"Firstly thank you for fantastic service. It was on short notice, and you were very accommodating in helping. Everyone I spoke to on the phone was very friendly and professional. Sanchez was very friendly and very descriptive of everything he did. Great service! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends on boats in the area. Please go ahead and charge the amount quoted. Have a great day!"

Peter Bonta - 2011-02-17

"Kelly, Thanks for the invoice and all your help over the past days during the repairs... Please thank Sebastian and Sean and the rest of the crew for all their hard work and diligence, too. The genset's been running beautifully. Again, our thanks!"

Audrey De La Salle, Electec - 2011-02-04

"Hi guys, the generator is here! Thank you very much for all your efforts to make everything happen so quickly. Our client will be happy when he arrives on Sunday as he wants to start sailing on Monday!!"

Susan - 2011-01-21

"Thank you. The guys were very courteous and professional and it really came together. It is a pleasure doing business with you, Dan and the crew at Parts and Power, including the girls in the office. Thank you. Best regards."

Steve - 2011-01-05

"Dan, I just wanted to say that the passengers and crew on Resolute thank you and your team at Parts and Power for the efforts in expediting the delivery of the ECU board last minute so that we were able to change out our faulty part and install the new replacement part in 24 hours. A great effort considering everyone was shutting down for the holidays and it was late in the day."

Matthew - 2010-12-27

"Andy, First off I would like to Thank you and your team over there for your fast help with this order and how pleasant of an experience it was working with you. Because of that I will continue to get all of my parts from you when I can. I am currently installing a rebuilt Perkins 4108m into an 87 oday sailboat and have now with your help took her out for the first time on Christmas day. Thanks again for everything."

Peter Hosten, Grenada Marine - 2010-12-21

"Hi Tom. Just to let you know how we appreciate Andy's professional help with this situation. Hopefully we should have the parts by Thursday. Regards."

Tim Dabbs, Marine Maintenance Service (BVI) Ltd. - 2010-12-20

"Andy, Just a quick note to say thank you for staying late at the port today to ensure that my both clients received there parts. They will now both make there charters. One unit already installed, the other hopefully by midday tomorrow. Regards."

Lisa, Frostline - 2010-12-16

"Thank you Drew. See, you are an angel! Please send the part straight to us. Usual address as you would send anything else. Thanks for the info on labour charges to. Wowee, that's the quickest warranty deal I've had to sort out. You're on the ball today!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Nicola & Phil - 2010-12-08

"Dear Kroy, you are a true credit to Parts and Power, thanks so very much indeed for getting the part out to us ASAP, it is so very much appreciated. Kind Regards."

Nick Kitney, Engineer, MY Touch - 2010-11-30

"Hi, just thought I'd let you guys know how we went with the new starter motor Wilfred installed last week, all seems to be going well, we completed the rest of the trip no problems, and are back in St Thomas now. Just wanted to say thanks for the help, Wilfred did a great job, especially given the circumstances. Regards!"

Ian Burnie - 2010-11-18

"Kroy, the injectors arrived today, they look great. Many thanks to you all at Parts & Power Ltd. Thanks. Here is a picture of my Nauticat, your injectors are going into it."

Connie Elson, s/v Tashtego - 2010-11-09

"A belated thanks to all of you. The timing belt was quickly installed once customs let go of it. Will be ordering oil filters when we reach Cartagena."

John West, Managing Director, TMM St. Vincent - 2010-06-15

"Thank you all for many years of excellent service which has allowed us to provide our boat owners and charterers with the standard of maintenance they reasonably expect. Your product knowledge is second to none and the fast efficient processing of our orders makes all of the difference. We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come."

Doug & Ian - 2010-06-15

"Kroy and Andy and Crew, Parts received and are perfect! Thank you all so much for excellent service! Also, we are very pleased that your prices are comparable to, or even lower than, various quotes we got online. As long as we are in St. Thomas, we'll continue to shop with you to keep our old Perkins happy. Perhaps we'll even get to shop with you in person one day. Many Thanks again!"

Rex Dugan, All Points Marine, LLC - 2010-04-14

"Just a thank you for the job Kroy did for All Points. I had been informed that you did not have a part in stock for an emergency order and had requested the parts overnight from Seattle. Kroy caught on the PO that there were different numbers associated with the parts and contacted me. Thanks to his diligence we will be able to get the boat running a day earlier. The customer is extremely impressed and happy."

Julian, Freewheel - 2010-03-18

"Dear Dan, I much appreciate the most efficient assistance you have given. As a result of our discussions I was able to track down two problems: a faulty fuel filter which probably caused a blockage in the number 2 injector. Luckily I have spares of both parts and have fitted them myself so we should be able to continue with our cruising plans rather than divert for your company to have a look at the generator for us. Once again, I can only say thank you for the support you gave. Best regards."

Maria L Batista, Morgan Trust Corporation Limited - 2010-03-04

"Dear Drew, First of all on behalf of our Board of Directors and myself as the Senior Manager I would like to thank you for all the support we received from you last week Thursday when our office operations were disrupted because of a car accident. Words cannot express how valuable your help was and still is. Dan, Hank and all your team have been displaying the highest level of professionalism and accountability that an organization like ours shall receive also based on the regulatory environment that surround us nowadays. We were able to put in place our back-up office plan and before the day ended we were able to resume services from our premises. Our clients did not notice the situation. For that we thank you. Thank you once again. Kind regards."

Shane, Vowels - 2010-03-03

"Thanks again guys everything showed up this morning. So much for island time. Cheers."

Christalle - 2010-02-09

"Ok Kroy, thank all the Parts and Power Team for me. Your company is very efficient. There is a guy on Saba Mr. Craig Buchanan and he told me when he used to live down there that he dealt with your company. I think he still does. He told me, you guys are really good. Don't think I am over thanking you but there are some companies that can't even be compared to yours. I just love to show people I am thankful and like to be friendly."

Ingrid Klitch - 2009-12-24

"Hi all at P&P, thanks very much for your quick response in shipping the pump. I truly appreciate your service in this matter. Fax with credit card information will be sent this morning. Happy Holidays. Thanks again."

Paul & Lynn Elliott - 2008-06-04

"Kroy, Thank you soooo very much for making this shipment happen. Steve was a very valuable help and we do certainly appreciate all the help and cooperation that have we received. It is certainly nice to know that when sailors are in need that there are people like you to help us out."

Les Anna, Captain - 2008-05-21

"Hello Tom, I wanted to thank you and your company for the fine work you did. We are always on a tight time schedule and I was unfamiliar with your company. I must say everything worked out perfect the timing was exactly as promised and I now have two generators and a bow thruster. I am very happy with the work done and I would highly recommend your company to other captains. Please send me a bill with the finally charges. I paid Kevin on Husky direct. I hope your trip went well."

Craig Lovett - 2008-02-27

"Kroy, your blood's worth bottling! Thanks for such prompt attention, I really appreciate the back-up you guys provide, even though I don't always show it. I'm sure you know what it's like with an irate customer breathing down you neck!"

Jefrey Bisson - 2008-02-25

"Good Morning Tom Thanks so much for Friday. Sebastian was great and I am pleased with the results. I am exchanging the Mufflers and we will be all set there. I waited as long as I could before departing and as I had a very successful sea trial I did the right thing. Sebastian left his backpressure test rig in the hull. I am not sure it is a gift but I will keep it safe in any event. Thanks for the bag of goodies, it was nice to get them and very nice to have some stuff to hand out to the guys. The playing cards were a bigger hit than I would have imagined."

James N Guirl - 2007-11-19

"Drew: I want to thank you for your quick response to my service request of last Monday (November 12th). I would also like to complement your organization and specifically Mario, Royston and Sebastian for their excellent effort trouble shooting and solving my engine problems. Beginning with a port side engine that would not start upon launching after a summer on the hard and thinking that it was a starter but eventually discovering that it was an innocuous small relay, was found only after a very dogged and persistent effort on the part of all. They did not quit until they where absolutely sure what the problem was and that the solution was in hand. Good job! As I have an additional service request in for work on the forward state room and salon A/C units please use the current open work order for invoicing."

John Himmelmann, Captain, Sailing Yacht Big Dog - 2007-11-01

"Hi Drew, What a pleasant surprise today when Mario showed up with the new air con. Installed and working very nicely. Thanks!"

Matthew Spencer, President, Spencer Ocean Services - 2007-09-15

"Hello Brian, Your service was excellent and I can not think of any company that has given better service in my quest to replace this engine. At this time I am rebuilding the old engine and may replace it a while from now, but we will see. So, I am sorry to say we will not be purchasing an engine this year. Thanks again, and I would recommend anyone I meet of your company. Have a nice day."

Clement - 2007-09-15

"Hi Kroy, Please send me the BL # for my shipment when dispatched. I must also tell you that I'm quite impressed with the prompt attention given to my (small) order by Steve and yourself, and look forward to bringing you more business (as needed at my end!) in the future. You guys rock!"

Harcourt - 2007-08-10

"Dear Sirs, Parts for M90 Perkins received today,I wish to express my gratitude for your prompt attention and patience and I hope to be able to do further business with you. Thanks."

Chris Gartner, Captain, Maltese Falcon - 2007-06-23

"Dear Tom, I just wanted to thank you and the guys that all came to our rescue by fixing our tender, it runs fine today and the charter guests are happy which makes us happy!!! Once again thanks for all of your help yesterday and throughout our winter season! Also, please say thanks very much to Drew, Ford and Shainty and tell them that next year when we come back to the BVI's that you are all welcome onboard for a couple of beers and a tour of the Falcon. Take it easy and when you guys get the invoice done please send it to me so that I can clear it up ASAP."

Chris Hackshaw - 2007-06-08

"Thank you Kroy, It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company I will be in contact in the future."

Capt. Bill Henry & Ingrid - 2007-03-25

"Thanks very much Kroy. We appreciate your great service. Parts arrived Thursday as promised. Wow, wish we could get someone to provide service like that here in PR."

Elaine DeLap - 2007-02-18

"Good to know your there. Will stay in touch as the deal progresses. thanks again. Walt Delap pls pls thank Sharada for her quick reply and info. Sounds like a terrific person to have on staff."

Jack, Captain - 2007-02-03

"Tony, yesterday I called Charleston, SC., Clearwater, FL., Miami, Fl., St. Petersburg, Fl., and nobody had the parts I was looking for. I was told I had to order them from England and it was cost prohibitive. I was about to give up but I remembered buying parts for my engine from your store when I was in Tortola so I thought I would give it a try. I spoke to a gentleman named Steve; who was very thorough, friendly and went out of his way to find every part I needed as individual pieces to make up the complete bill of material for my heat exchanger. Best of all, you had the whole thing in stock. He didn't brush me off like the other four establishments did, He took the time to help me and was very understanding and knowledgeable about the product and the engine. Please express my gratitude for service beyond my expectation, from Steve Hoover!!!"

Anonymous attached to a bottle of Pussers Rum - 2007-01-15

"Sebastian, Thanks for your help the other day with my starter problem. It turn out it was the relay. Thanks."

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