PRODUCTS :: Yanmar 1GM10 Engine


9.0 HP (6.6 kW)

Marine Diesel Engine



  • Engine Range : GM Series
  • Horse Power : 10.00000
  • Alternator : 12V-35 A
  • Combustion system : Indirect injection (special swirl type pre-combustion chamber)
  • Combustion system : 5.9 kW (8 hp) / 3400 rpm
  • Cooling system : Direct seawater cooling by rubber impeller seawater pump
  • Displacement : 0.318 L [19.41 cu in]
  • Electrical system : 12 V - 1.0 kW
  • Power (crankshaft) : 6.7 kW (9 hp) / 3600 rpm

Product Information

YM & GM Series 7–21kW (9–29HP) Famed for their reliability, the GM Series diesels – single and two cylinder – feature pre-combustion chamber indirect injection. The all-new YM Series has been introduced, with the arrival of the 3YM20 15.3 kW (21HP) and 3YM30 21kW (29HP) three-cylinder engines. This is the latest technology for quiet, smooth power at the lowest possible weight. GM Series 1GM10E (9HP/7kW) Lightweight single-cylinder auxiliary diesel with a straight drive. Built for optimum power to weight and rugged durability. Runs and runs, smoothly, quietly and cleanly.

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Tel: +1(284)494-2830

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