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ENGINE BLOCK -Four cycle, 4 cylinder, liquid cooled, naturally aspirated overhead valve diesel. Swirl combustion chambers provide fuel effi ciency and reduce smoke. Glow plugs for quick cold starting.

COOLING SYSTEM - Jacket-water cooling system in standard keel cooled or optional heat exchanger configuration. One-piece heat exchanger housing, expansion tank and liquid cooled exhaust manifold. Fewer troublesome hoses and gaskets. Cast iron to resist corrosion and electrolysis. Easily accessible, rubber impeller seawater pump of bronze and stainless steel is gear driven; no pump drive belts to fail. Cast-iron wet exhaust elbow is included.

FUEL SYSTEM - The self-venting fuel system features an injection pump with 5% mechanical governor for close AC frequency control and pintle injectors with replaceable tips. Stop solenoid acts directly on the fuel rack eliminating speed variances and linkage problems. Mechanical fuel pump with hand primer eliminates electronic pump failures.

INTAKE AND EXHAUST - The M20CRW3 meets US EPA Tier III emission standards. It features a disposable dry air cleaner and 1-1/2 inch NPT exhaust outlet.

LUBRICATION SYSTEM - The closed crankcase vent system traps oil vapor and keeps engine room clean. 8.6 qt (8.2 ltr) oil capacity for better lubrication and 200 hour oil change intervals. Oil drain for quick, clean oil changes. Full flow, spin-on oil fi lter with bypass.

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Tel: +1(284)494-2830/440-2830

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