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Is your generator reliable? Is your maintenance up to date?

Parts & Power Ltd believes that by educating our customers on their generator they can get longer life, more trouble free use and greater value from their investment. A well-planned maintenance program is essential to the operation of any power generation system.

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive diesel engine maintenance consists of the following operations

  1. General Inspection
  2. Lubrication Service
  3. Cooling System Service
  4. Fuel System Service
  5. Servicing and testing starting batteries
  6. Regular Engine Exercise
  7. Have Minimum Spares on Hand

General Inspection

Exhaust Systems: With the generator set operating, inspect the entire exhaust systems including the exhaust manifold, muffler and exhaust pipe. Check for leaks at all connections, welds, gasket and joints, and make sure that the exhaust pipes are not heating surrounding areas excessively. Repair any leaks immediately.

Fuel System: With the generator set operating, inspect the fuel supply lines, filters and fittings for cracks or abrasions. Make sure the lines are not rubbing against anything that could cause an eventual breakage. Repair any leaks or alter line routing to eliminate wear immediately.

DC Electrical Systems: Check the terminals on the starter batteries for clean and tight connections. Loose or corroded connections create resistance which can hinder starting. Check the battery electrolyte level. Only do this while in the battery’s "resting state", ie: the battery is not being charged or discharged. Only use Distilled Water to top off the battery electrolyte. Only fill the battery cell to the "fill ring" in the battery. Do not fill to the top of the cell. Clean the top of the battery by wiping down with a clean, dry rag.

Engine: Monitor fluid level, oil pressure and coolant temperatures frequently. Most engine problems give an early warning. Look and listen for changes in engine performance, sound, or appearance that will indicate the service or repair is needed. Be alert for misfire, vibration, excessive exhaust smoke, loss of power or increases in oil or fuel consumption.

Electrical: Check all connections at generator and transfer switch. Check for any discoloration or other signs of overheating or corrosion. Fail mains and test the operation of autostart (if used) and transfer switch. Exercise system at least monthly.

Have Minimum Spares on Hand: 1 set of filters, 1 belt(s), 1 gallon oil (enough for one oil change), 1 gallon premixed coolant (enough for one complete fill), distilled water (for battery).

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